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VIRAL: Disabled Vegetable Vendor “Kuya George” Works Despite Condition

Disabled Vegetable Vendor Works Despite Condition Went Viral In The Social Media

A disabled vegetable vendor or known as “Kuya George” went viral in the social media for working hard despite his condition just to support his family.

A Persons With Disabilities (PWD) were the type of people striving hard in order to achieve success. They were also determined and persevered to overcome their struggles in life and doing their best to help their families.

Kuya George, a disabled man and has difficulty in moving around became an ambulant vegetable vendor. He was selling vegetables in different barangays in Metro Manila, but mostly in Quezon province.

Disabled Vegetable Vendor



The disabled man did not let his disability to bring him down, instead, it serves as a challenge for him to be more courageous in life. Unfortunately, there are some people who were taking advantage the deficiencies of others.

In 2014, he was blocked by 3 men and stole his money, he was also beaten up so hard causing him to be confined in the hospital. Concerned netizens donated money to pay his hospital bills and help him start again.

Disabled Vegetable Vendor

In 2015, Kuya George’s house was entered by thieves and threatened him to kill them if he won’t give his hard-earned money. Despite the repetitive robbing incident, the PWD man was able to overcome the challenges in his life and start his business again.

The netizens expressed again their admiration and adoration for Kuya George’s resilience. He was encouraged by some social media users to be strong and stay closer to God, even if the world is full of negativity.

The life of Kuya George should serve as an inspiration to us and shows that disabilities can’t bring us down and would not a hinder to reach our goals in life.

Disabled Vegetable Vendor

What can you say about the life of Kuya George? Do you find his life inspiring? Just feel free to leave your comments and reactions for this article.

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