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WATCH: American-Looking Soldier Who Speaks Bisaya Fluently Goes Viral!

A video of an American-looking soldier went viral.

AMERICAN – A video of a soldier who looks like an American but claims that he is a Filipino hooked the netizens on the social media.

Recently, a video posted by the Facebook page Bisaya Pay Imo went viral on the social media. The caption of the video stated, “Bisaya nga Ogis… Haha. Bisaya kaayo bai…”


Screengrabbed from Video Posted by Facebook Page Bisaya Pay Imo

The video showed a soldier who really looks like an American in physical appearance but he claimed that he is a Filipino from the United States.

The one who was taking the video introduced the soldier and then the soldier said that he is a Bisaya. His friend said that he is not a Bisaya in looks.

According to the American-looking soldier, he saw some people whom he knew in the place where he also eats and he spoke to them in the native language. He said that those people laughed upon knowing that he speaks Bisaya.

He expressed that he told them that he is a Filipino from America.

The video has already reached around 24 thousand views and more than six hundred shares. Lots of netizens also expressed their reactions to the video through comments.

According to one netizen, she has encountered him before and he is really good in speaking in Tagalog and Bisaya. 

One netizen stated that if he will be having a child there in America, he will teach his child how to speak in Waray.

In a reply of a netizen to another netizen who asked if he is a pure or half Filipino, the netizen stated that he grew up in Camiguin.

Lots of netizens expressed praises on the way the soldier speaks in the native language and how fluent he is in doing so.

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