Robbery Caught On CCTV Camera

A woman is wanted for robbery under broad daylight which was caught by a CCTV camera.

ROBBERY – A woman was caught in a Closed-Circuit Television camera or also known as CCTV robbing the box of groceries of another woman.

According to the video posted and shared on the Facebook account of Bebing Dinas Rivera, the said robbery happened under the broad daylight in the middle of the busy market of Ma-ao in Negros Occidental.

As shown on the video, the victim, Ronaliza Malana, is looking around as if she was searching for something with her box carried by her.

Perhaps, the box is heavy so she decided it to leave in a corner.

However, she was hesitant to leave it. Yet, nevertheless, she still left it in the corner of a store.

Without her notice, a woman is standing just near her. The woman seems observing the happenings around her.

As soon as the victim left to go somewhere, the suspect saw the box unattended.

Slowly, the suspect went to the box, examined it and went away. Then returned afterwards leaving the place with the box of the victim.

The crime has been recorded in a CCTV camera where the face of the woman, the suspect, was clearly shown.

The recorded video has been posted by Bebing Rivera on April 18. It has now 23,494 views and the status where the video was included has been shared by 540 people.

The post has collected comments from Facebook users and they are really angry for what the woman did to her fellow considering that is under broad daylight and there are a lot of people around the market.

One the comments stated that the suspect shouldn’t have left her box unattended.

One Facebook friend of Bebing said that it is a good thing a CCTV was placed in the area. Through it, there will be a big chance to find the suspect for her to be served of rightful punishment for what she did.

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