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The US military revealed the reason behind its recent move in Afghanistan.

US MILITARY – The military of the United States revealed the reason behind its move to drop the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb or MOAB on ISIS in Afghanistan.

Recently, a bombing incident in Afghanistan has sparked lots of news headlines. Based on a recent news report in CNN, it was the US military which dropped the powerful non-nuclear bomb on underground tunnels utilized by the ISIS in attacking the units of the government.

According to the officials of US and the Afghanistan, three underground tunnels were left destructed by the strike. It has also destroyed ammunition and weapons. Fortunately, no civilians were left hurt by the incident.

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A previous estimate of the ISIS active fighters on the area range from 600 up to 800 in numbers by the US military.

Based on the news report, there are conflicting statements with regards to the number of ISIS fighters killed by the strike.

Afghan officials claimed that 36 ISIS fighters were left dead by the attack in Nangarhar province yet on a statement in Arabic distributed by Amaq News Agency, the ISIS put down the allegation that any of their members was hurt or killed by the strike.

According to the news report, speaking in a media conference, commander for US forces in Afghanistan Gen. John Nicholson expressed that the bomb utilized in the strike “was the right weapon against the right target.”

“It was the right time to use it tactically against the right target on the battlefield.”

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai raised an allegation against the United States that the country is utilizing Afghanistan as a place wherein it can test its dangerous weapons.

On the other side, Afghan Pres. Ashraf Ghani expressed that the attack has been through his approval. Gen. Nicholson said that the attack was done with coordination to the officials of Afghanistan.

He added that surveillance were done to prohibit any civilian from getting hurt or killed.

The recent dropping of ‘mother of all bombs’ in Afghanistan is not the first attack that has sparked news reports this month. Previously, the US has also attacked Syria.

Based on a previous news report, it launched 60 missiles against an airbase in Syria. US Pres. Donald Trump defended the move as a response to the chemical strike that was previously lodged on the same area where 60 Tomahawk missiles of U.S. were launched.

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