Say Goodbye To Puffy Eyes Using These Great Natural Ways

These Great Natural Ways  Can Remove Puffy Eyes

Struggling for taking selfies with puffy eyes? These natural ways can help you to remove unwanted dark bags and puffiness of eyes.

Having a puffy eye can be so irritating and embarrassing for the most of us. Many people were struggling on how to get rid of their puffy eyes, which appears during at their most unwanted time.

Most people with puffy eyes were using makeup and other cosmetic products just to cover the puffiness. Cosmetic products can temporarily cover dark bags, but it has no ability to remove the appearance of dark bags underneath the eyes.

Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes can be a result of different factors such as aging, sagging skin under the eyes, lack of sleep, hereditary, excessive salt intake, hormonal imbalance, and consequence of allergies.

Medical experts were recommending several treatments and medications to resolve several skin issues. But most of can’t afford those expensive treatments in eliminating dark bags and puffy eyes.

Natural remedies were still the best alternatives in treating and preventing several health issues including puffy eyes. The appearance of dark bags can be permanently eliminated using these natural ways.

Puffy Eyes


Slice a thin layer of cucumber and lay it over the closed eye for 15 minutes. It has astringent properties that can help the blood to flow normally in the blood vessels beneath the eyes.

Cold Water

Cold compress and increasing water consumption promotes hydration and reduces inflammation.


Grate one potato on a clean cloth and gently press it into the eyes for 15 minutes. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that resolve the swelling under the eyes.

Egg White and Witch Hazel

Egg whites have the ability to tighten the skin. Mixing it with witch hazel can reduce the puffiness under the eyes.


Apply cold spoon into the eyelids to immediately relief swelling

Puffy Eyes

Tea Bags

Apply cold tea bags under the eyes twice daily

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