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Scientists Resurrect The Dead Using Green Light To Stem Cells

Scientists attempt to resurrect brain-dead patients by stimulating and re-growing of neurons, which can possibly bring the dead to life.o life.

Researchers from a biotech company in the United States called “Bioquark” were allowed to perform the research on 20 brain-dead patients. The scientists will attempt to resurrect the dead by regenerating and stimulating the brain neurons.

The procedure will seem to be controversial because it was new and untested. The scientists will implant stem cells in the brain of the patients and it also includes treating the spinal cord with the combination of chemicals and nerve stimulation techniques.


The scientists were hoping that the technique could bring people out of comas by rebooting the brain and make it start neutral activities. American Academy of Neurology, Dr. Calixto Machado, a neurological researcher and panel expert involved in the study said that there’s still no evidence that the technique will work.

Ira Pastor, CEO of Bioquark explained that they were aiming to see the result within first 2-3 months after the technique was applied to brain-dead patients.

“to undertake such a complex initiative, we are combining biologic regenerative medicine tools with other existing medical devices typically used for stimulation of the central nervous system, in patients with other severe disorders of consciousness. We hope to see results within the first two to three months.” said by Pastor quoted by the controversial files.


Do you really think that the technique could possibly bring the dead to life? Just feel free to leave your comments and reactions for this article.

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