Look: Maharlika Intensely Reacts On Textbook Featuring Ninoy Aquino

Maharlika intensely reacted on a textbook featuring the late Ninoy Aquino and his son.

MAHARLIKA INTENSELY – Maharlika reacted on the photo of an educational textbook featuring the late Benigno ‘Ninoy’ Aquino Jr.

Recently, a social media post on the Facebook page Maharlika went viral on the social media. In the post, Maharlika has reacted on a photo of a textbook wherein the faces of the late Ninoy Aquino and as well as his son, former Pres. Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino III could be seen.

Based on the posted photo, the late Ninoy Aquino is described in the textbook as the father of former Pres. Noynoy Aquino who offered his life for the country.

He worked, sacrificed and fought for change although it’s in exchange for his own life based on the photo. It is also stated that the heaven grieved when Ninoy was buried.

Maharlika intensely
Photo lifted from Facebook Page Maharlika

Based on the caption of the post, Maharlika made a different version of introducing Ninoy. The netizen started it out by stressing that the Cojuangco-Aquino keep on asserting lies to the youth.

“Kilala mo ba si Ninoy? Ama siya ni Noynoy na walang awa sa mga pilipino [Do you know Ninoy? He is the father of Noynoy who has no mercy to Filipinos],”the post stated.

Moreover, the netizen stated that the former President just played in the Malacañang Palace and allowed the 44 Special Action Force (SAF) cops to get killed.

Reportedly, it was during the term of former Pres. Aquino as the Chief Executive of the country when 44 members of the SAF lost their lives in a Mamasapano encounter. Until now, lots of questions regarding the incident continuously cross the surface.

The netizen also entailed in the post that former Pres. Aquino allowed the proliferation of the drugs in the Philippines and offered lots of burdens to the Filipinos.

“Kaya halos bawat isa sa miyembro ng pamilyang pilipino ay nalulong sa bawal na droga [That is why almost one member of a Filipino family got addicted to illegal drugs,” the netizen stated in the post.

Furthermore, the netizen also stated that the late Ninoy Aquino sacrificed his life for he is selfish and he knows that somebody will kill him. It is also stated that he was sent to jail for he is allied with the communists and was involved in the destabilization of the Marcos government.

“Ngayon mahal kong kabataang Pilipino, sana ay mas bukas at tumalino pa kayo para tuklasin ang katotohanan upang maging bahagi kayo ng PAGBABAGO [Now my beloved Filipino youth, hopefully, you will be more opened and intelligent to discover the truth so that you will part of the change],” the netizen expressed.

The social media post has already reached more than four hundred shares and elicited lots of reactions from the online community.

Lots of netizens’ comments show praises to the post. One netizen even emphasized in a comment that the Department of Education should revise the history textbooks.


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