Look! Edited Photo Of Tanay Accident’s Victims Crosses Social Media, Netizens React

Look! Netizens reacted on the edited photo of the victims of Tanay bus accident.

LOOK – Many Facebook users reacted on the edited photo of the victims of the accident which recently happened in Tanay, Rizal.

The recent bus accident in Tanay has sparked lots of news reports. Even the social media was then filled with posts related to it. However, one photo posted by a netizen shows something contrary to what most of the people feel about the accident.

The photo was posted on the Facebook account of Anthony Ricarro. Based on what can be seen in the photo, it is a screen capture of a Facebook post of Jeremy Layson.

It can also be seen in the post that the photo posted by Layson showed some of the victims of the bus accidents lying on the ground. However, what seems unusual is that the photo has gone through editing and it already has statements.

It seems that the person who edited the photo made some fun out of the tragic situation.

Lines such as “Asan na pocari sweat q (Where is my Pocari Sweat?),” “Di na talaga ako iinom (I won’t drink again),” and “Anyare sa ‘chill’ lang bes? (What happened to just ‘chill’ bes?” were stated on the edited photo.

Moreover, based on the photo posted by Ricarro, the caption of the post of Layson reads: ‘From ‘beer lang’ to ‘walwal to morning’ real quick.

Photo lifted from the Facebook Account of Anthony Ricarro

In his post, Ricarro expressed his disappointment over the post of Layson. He stated that their page is nonsense but they still keep on looking for entertainment online.

“Yung tipong wala kasing kwenta yung page nila pero naghahanap pa din ng libangan online,” Ricarro stated.

Lots of other Facebook user also expressed their disappointment through comments. One netizen tagged the person behind it as ‘insensitive’.

Another Facebook user expressed in her comment that the person who made it are the people who have nothing to do and perhaps are uneducated.

One netizen also expressed his disappointment in the comment and stated that the picture of an accident was used for some fun.

Based on a previous news report, the recent accident in Tanay, Rizal has left 15 people dead after the bus lost its brake and rammed an electric post.


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