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Australian “School Teacher” Could Be Manny Pacquiao’s Next Opponent On Ring

Bob Arum wants the “future president of the Philippines” exchange punches with an Australian “school teacher” on a historic fight outside the United States

Senator Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao could face an Australian school teacher in his next bout on the ring that would probably be held outside the United States of America.

Top Rank Incorporated Big Boss Bob Arum made mention about Jeff Horn of Brisbane, Australia as Pacquiao’s next opponent on the ring.

Arum plans to put the fight on free television in the United States. He said Top Rank is looking at a “future president of the Philippines” and if Senator Manny fights outside the U.S., the American people and all races around the world are able to watch the match without letting out any amount of money.

Pinoy ring icon vs Australian school teachers

There is a possibility that Pacquiao would face an Australian school teacher in his next fight.

Arum sees the next fight of the Pinoy ring icon as a plus in putting the Filipino senator on a different level.

Among the places that Arum wants the next Pacquiao fight to be held are the Middle East and Australia, a home to some parties reportedly interested in hosting the next match of the boxer-turned-politician.

If Manny finds himself fighting Down Under, it will be against Horn, an undefeated Australian boxer who is the number two contender to the WBO welterweight championship belt of the Filipino boxing champion.

Horn is holding a ring record of 16-0-1 with 11 knockouts but aside from his boxing expertise, he is also a Bachelor of Education degree holder from Griffith University.

“If we go to Australia, certainly he will be a leading candidate”, said Arum, who was referring to Horn as Pacquiao’s potential contender.

Australian boxer Jeff Horn

Horn is a Bachelor of Education degree holder from Griffith University.

The Top Rank chief said that Horn is a great looking man who speaks very well and is an undefeated boxer. The Australian champion also has a great back-story being a teacher and according to Arum, “it makes a lot of sense”.

Horn’s promoter, Dean Lonergan, confirmed that Arum has already contacted their camp regarding the possible bout.

Arum has related to Lonergan the fee for Pacquiao to fight with Jeff Horn. The Australian puncher’s name surfaced as Pacman’s next opponent following the report that the showdown between Manny and Terence Crawford is likely not to happen soon.

It was reported that Pacquiao wants a guarantee of $20 million to fight Crawford, which could be too much unless it is going to be a pay-per-view fight.

The Pacquiao-Horn fight might not make the Pinoy ring icon’s wallet fat but according to Lonergan, coming up with a heavy purse for the Filipino lawmaker is not out of reach.

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