Watch: Abusive Taxi Driver Charged Passengers P3, 600 From NAIA-Cubao Trip

Abusive Taxi Driver Charged Passengers Overpriced Fare

Abusive taxi driver charged his passengers of P3, 600 from NAIA to Cubao trip but passengers were able to take a video and outsmarted the driver by doing something, was posted in the social media.

Passengers riding in a taxi was charged an exceeding amount by a barker and taxi driver for a trip to Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) to Cubao in Quezon City. The taxi driver charged them of P300 per 1, 000 kilometers so the passengers were shocked due to over pricing fare.

Abusive Taxi Driver

Then the Passengers asked the driver to drop them in the terminal but the driver explained an additional amount will be charged. The guy passenger refused to give the payment while riding in the taxi and he said that he will pay the driver when they arrived at the terminal.

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