Korean Reporter Says Pres. Duterte Is The Best President

Korean reporter admired in his report the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

Korean reporter expressed that President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is the best president of all times. The news report went viral in the social media.

Recently, a Facebook account bearing the name Rodrigo Duterte Para Sa Tunay Na Pagbabago uploaded a report which captured a lot of netizens.

In the said report, the Korean reporter expressed that the Philippine President is the best president of all time.

It is the firmness of the said President when it comes to dealing with crime and corruption which is one factor for him being considered as the best.


Reaching 198 thousand views and 252 comments, the said video has gained a lot of commentaries from the netizens.

According to Sarah Ella, the druggies behind the bars were trending in the video. Another netizen, Leslie Ariola voiced out that this report was not aired in China as they always want that they’re the center of attention.

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5 thoughts on “Korean Reporter Says Pres. Duterte Is The Best President”

  1. HOAX! This is a BIG LIE. If you don’t understand Korean, please do not fabricate news. The reporter NEVER praised Duterte nor the least. His report focussed on the featured Philippine prison cells being sardined of inmates due to Duterte’s campaign on drugs. He reported these inmates as similar to bean sprouts.

  2. Maribel Alvarez Itulog mo na lang sakit ng loob mo, accept the fact that President Duterte has earned the love and respect of most Filipinos and other nationalities in just a short period of time for the good things he has done and will still accomplish, kami dito sa US are so proud of him, sana ikaw rin maluwag mo na sanang tanggapin na ang layo nya sa ibang presidente ng Pilipinas…look on the brighter side na we can all come and visit our country with all the best things all of us can enjoy, low crime rate, good economy and most of all corrupt free government.


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