Baron, Kiko URCC Cage Match Resulted In A Draw, ‘Scripted’?

Baron-Kiko Cage Match Scripted?

URCC Exhibition Cage Match – Everyone just witnessed the intense match between the actors Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos last Saturday, June 25 at the Valkyrie Club in Bonifacio Global City which resulted in a unanimous draw. The three judges score 19-19 all.

baron kiko cage match

The said match was highly publicized since the two started a brawl during a fund-raising event in a bar in Quezon City. The exhibition match between Baron and Kiko gained huge curiosity among people on how the fight would turn out.

During the cage match, it seems to be not as “hard” as everyone expected but, the two still delivered damage against each other during the two round of the match.

Surprisingly, the scheduled 3-round cage match was stopped as the two got really exhausted. The two were not real MMA fighters having not much training and stamina.

During the opening round, Matos was able to mount on Geisler and threw punches down to him. But in the second, Geisler just made more effort over his opponent.

The match ended and the two actors settled their differences and hugged in the middle of the cage.

But the result of the said match, according to some netizens was just made up and is scripted.

A certain Facebook user even expressed his thoughts about the Baron-Kiko cage match.

urcc cage match

This is historic. Definitely a successful gimmick. My two cents here:

1. Everything was scripted except when they stepped in the octagon to beat each other up. Considering that these guys are far from being pros, that fight for me was entertainingly good enough.

2. This charade is not just about testosterone and angst. It does have a heart. It’s a fundraising campaign that aims to bailout a friend who was detained for political reasons. Not many people are willing to get hammered in the head for such a noble cause. So for those of you who do nothing but complain and call Baron and Kiko clowns and puss1es, give me a break please. Your chronic cynicism can never be that entertaining.

The Facebook user even said that the match was for a fundraising campaign aiming to bailout a friend being a political prisoner. But, the ‘alleged’ was commended by him “for such a noble cause”.

In earlier reports, URCC founder Alvin Aguilar said that the proceeds of the tickets will be given to charity.

What to you think if the Baron-Kiko match? Is it really scripted?

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