Public School Teachers Waiting for Mayor Duterte’s Promised Salary Increase

Public school teachers from different parts of the country welcomed the latest development in the national elections as the Filipino people voted for Mayor Duterte as their next president. The Public School teachers also hopes and waited for one of Mayor Duterte’s promised to increase their salaries in the next few months as he assumed the presidency.

PNoy congratulates Rodrigo Duterte

Increasing the salaries of public school teachers is one proof that the presumptive President Mayor Duterte’s heart beats for the common workers. During an earlier interview with some reporters, the Davao City mayor reiterated that he will raise the teacher’s salary in the first few months of his Presidency.

Mayor Duterte’s plans is to give a ten thousand peso (P10,000) salary increase to all public school teachers nationwide once he assumed office as the President of the Republic of the Philippines.

The presumptive president of the Philippines also promised during his various sorties that all public school teachers will have a “Merry Christmas” since they will enjoy more benefits and Christmas bonuses notwithstanding a salary increase. The statement came after Mayor Duterte received report that Malacanang withheld the Christmas bonus of all teachers nationwide.

During campaign sorties of Mayor Duterte, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano also noted that under the Duterte presidency there will be a fixed compensation scheme for public school teachers and won’t rely on the faulty performance-based system implemented by DepEd. The Duterte-Cayetano tandem also criticized the Aquino government’s meager salary increase for entry level position.

In the new Salary Standardization Law passed by the Aquino admin, entry level teachers could expect a 12 percent increase of their salary, staggered in four years, which means the new teachers could expect roughly 500 peso increase per year but under the Duterte administration they will start implementing the P10,000 salary increase for all public school teachers.

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