Manila Will Be “Uninhabitable” Within Four Years Due to Traffic Problems

An alarming future awaits Metro Manila residents in the next four years according to some experts who predicted that Manila may become “uninhabitable” at the present rate of the worsening traffic situation, an official of a foreign chamber said yesterday.


John Forbes, senior advisor of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, revealed that if roads and other infrastructure are not upgraded immediately, the traffic mess in the metropolis would likely worsen on the back of the country’s fast-developing automotive industry.

The official noted that while roads are being improved throughout the country, the National Capital Region urgently needs more limited access roads, especially skyways, and rail.

In Asias growing automotive industry the Philippines is seen as an important automotive market growth area in the region as the volume of vehicles sold is expected to surge.

For the record, the country’s vehicle sales in 2029 would account to between eight to 10 percent of the projected total sales of five to six million units within member economies of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

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