World renowned international singer and rapper Nicki Minaj was impressed with the incredible performance of Darren Espanto, one of the youngest singer in the Philippines who made some headlines not only locally but also internationally.

Watch the Performance Video of Darren Espanto:

The 32-year-old Nicki Minaj shared a link of Darren Espanto’s live performance of the song titled “Chandelier,” as popularized by Sia, on her official Facebook Page which has over 42 million subscribers.

Darren Espanto performed the song “Chandelier” inside a custom-built mobile radio bus roaming the streets of Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, through the efforts made by Wish 107.5.

According to Nicki Minaj, the performance of Darren Espanto was “so effortless. Incredible voice!” she wrote on Facebook with a link of the article posted by viral website,

Here’s the post made by Nicki Minaj:

So effortless. Incredible voice!

Posted by Nicki Minaj on Sunday, November 15, 2015

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