Mayor Erap Estrada to Facilitate the Demolition of Torre de Manila

Former President and incumbent Mayor Manila, Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada stated that he is ready to facilitate the demotion of the controversial Torre de Manila which is dubbed as “Pambansang Photobomber” if the Supreme Court will give an order to him.

Erap Estrada

In an enterview with GMA News, Mayor Estrada said the National Historical Commission of the Philippines is also to blame for declaring that the project would not affect the view of the Rizal monument.

According to reports, former Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim allegedly approved the construction of a 19-story building, Torre de Manila.

Mayor Estrada also presented documents showing ex-Mayor Alfredo Lim signed a building permit to DMCI Holdings Inc., indicating the approval of a 49-story condominium building.

The current administration of the City of Manila through Mayor Estrada also noted that they are now considering filing charges against Alfredo Lim for saying Mayor Estrada received money from DMCI to add more floors to the building.

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