Rose Outdoes LeBron as Bulls Jaunt Cavaliers, 99-92

Cleveland  — it was a momentum to keep for the Chicago Bulls whose confidence oozed, unafraid of LeBron James and convinced they could take Cavaliers down in their home court.


During the Game 1 of the NBA Eastern Conference semifinals, Derrick Rose led the Bulls to 99-92 taking the 1-0 series lead against Cleveland Cavaliers.

Rose scored 25, supported by Pau Gasol who ringed 21 for their good start Monday night.

Rose, who suffered a shoulder stinger in the closing minute, put up a good dig for the Bulls though the advantaged home court is for Cavs.

After all he has been through – surgeries, hours of rehab, uncertainty about his future – Rose, who has missed more than 180 games the past four seasons, is in hype to be back in the postseason.

“I just appreciate everything,” he said, “getting back on the floor and just every aspect of basketball. It’s allowed me to change my life and my family’s life. I owe so much to this sport. I’m just trying to roll with it.”

Game two is set Wednesday giving the Bulls the worries if last match absentees will still be on bench.

However, James admitted he wasn’t that good at the first game.

“We all just have to play better,” said James.

H/T: Manila Bulletin; and photo

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