Lyca Gairanod’s MMK Episode Trailer (Video)

After winning “The Voice Kids” here comes Lyca Gairanod on acting. She will be portraying herself in MMK this Saturday, August 16, 2014.

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Lyca Garanoid

Indeed, Lyca’s story is really a great form of inspiration to everybody telling that there’s actually a way to fulfill your dreams in life. If you just have the courage to face things and do efforts as well as sacrifices juts to achieve it, it will really be achieved. The story of Lyca can actually prove that nothing is impossible in life.

Lyca was just a simple scavenger kid who dreamed of helping her parents. She was doing scavenging junk so that they can live their lives or simply to have a living. Her life is not as easy as other people but she still prove that nothing can really be a hindrance in achieving your dreams.

She is just 9 years old but already experienced on how hard life is. But still, she did not give up. Until such time that she heard the news on “The Voice Kids.” She then took the courage to join in it even though they are really financially unstable. What she have in her mind is the dream of helping her family and to able to give them a better living even thought it’s really hard.

Her journey to fame have never been that easy for her. But still, she did not give up. She is really a girl full of dreams and a girl with an extra ordinary talent within her.

There may be some who criticizes her but she did not let it to pull her down. There’s even that time when her mother also started to lose hope. But still, Lyca did not end the hope. She really believe that she can make it and she can really help her family by winning the said competition.

Aside from criticisms, there are also those who believe in her and in her talent. Because indeed, Lyca actually have that talent to be a star.  She have competed to those who are also the best, but the end, she is really the one who was called as the best.

Let’s take a little bit closer to Lyca’s life. Her first ever episode will be aired this Saturday, August 16, 2014 at ABS-CBN.

This is her MMK episode trailer.

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