The Truth Behind Thalia’s Removed Ribs Now Revealed! This Will Surely Surprise Most Filipinos!

The Mexican superstar who is considered as one of the country’s most popular international actress finally revealed the truth behind the controversial ribs which he posted on her Instagram account. Most of her Filipino fans were shocked upon hearing the report that she confirmed and admitted that she indeed removed her ribs.

Not Mine

Finally the truth was finally revealed through the latest Instagram post of the Mexican superstar as she confirmed that everything she posted on Instagram was merely a joke and she was just doing some pranks.

Thalia who is more popularly known with soap “Marimar” and “Maria la del Barrio” in the Philippines posted on her official Instagram account photos of herself with a jar containing ribs, with the captions: “To all my loving Filipino fans, here is the proof I love (love) My Famous Ribs, I kept them with me all these years,” Thalia wrote in the caption.

To clear the speculations about her rib removal, Thalia clarified on Wednesday morning, that the ribs are not her own. She posted the same photo but right now with an “X” mark on it and with a caption “Not Mine.”

The controversial issue of Thalia’s ribs came about after Kris Aquino mentioned on her show that she had heard rumors that Thalia had part of her ribs removed. The rumors was also confirmed by Thalia at first by posting a photo of her supposed ribs.

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