KC Concepcion In Her Offbeat Role In “Ikaw Lamang”

Megastar’s daughter KC Concepcion describes her offbeat role in the Book 2 of “Ikaw Lamang.” According to her, she really enjoys to be in an offbeat role because it makes her a better and a more mature human and actress as well.

KC Concepcion

KC Concepcion in Ikaw Lamang

Ikaw Lamang

On her interview in the Press Conference of the Book 2 of “Ikaw Lamang,” Concepcion says that her role is not totally bad but not totally good as well. KC will be portraying the role of Natalia who is the eldest daughter of Isabel (Kim) and Franco (Jake).

She also said that she is very happy on her role portraying that kind of character. According to her, “This is the kind of role I really love to do: offbeat. It’s very different , very interesting and very nice to play with.”

In addition, Concepcion also said that the is very grateful to work with today’s respected actors specifically Coco Martin and Christopher de Leon who will be his father in the story.

Concepcion also revealed that she felt a bit nervous on the start of their shooting for she don’t know what to do and on what technique she’ll be using to play her role well.

Meanwhile, it’s not the first time that Concepcion will be working with de Leon. They already worked together in “Lovers in Paris.” But then, Concepcion still don’t know on how she’ll be going to face the attack of de Leon in terms of acting.

However, de Leon confidently state on how proud he was for the actress’s performance in “Ikaw Lamang.” According to him, KC had really changed a lot. She is really far from the old KC he have worked with few years ago.

Coco Martin also speaks up on working with Concepcion. According to him, he felt mixed feelings when working with Concepcion. He also felt excited and a bit nervous considering the fact that she’s KC Concepcion. But then, he sees that KC is collaborating and talking with them as if she was just like them.

He also said that Concepcion is really a humble actress. She is really willing to learn and let her feet stand on the ground even if she already had her name in the industry.

Let’s watch KC Concepcion’s performance in “Ikaw Lamang” which is aired on ABS-CBN’s Primetime after “Hawak Kamay.”

This is based on ABS-CBN News.

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  1. Sobrang galing ni KC as a kontrabida…ang galing ng bawat line na english na binibitawan nya.. Siya ang inaabangan ko sa IL book2 .. Kase parang ang acting ni Kim (she good) but i’ve seen it pero kay KC hangang sa emotions nya na umiiyak ang galing … I guess she deserves an award… Two thumbs up


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