Direk Cathy Garcia Inspired Daniel Padilla To Work Harder

Daniel Padilla says that he was inspired by Direk Cathy Garcia to work harder in their blockbuster movie with Kathryn Bernardo which is the “She’s Dating The Gangster.” He also said that his acting developed in the said movie. He became a better actor.

Shes dating the gangster

According to the young actor, it was because of the effort of Direk Cathy that made him become better. It was also because of her efforts to make her artist the best and worthy to be watched by the viewers.

He also said that Direk Cathy is so passionate on her work and on what she is doing. It’s not the thing that she just want things to end, but she want things to be the best. Padilla said it in his interview in Kris TV on Friday, August 8, 2014.

That’s also the reason why he did his best to do the movie and give the best out of him on acting.

He also said that all the cast and the crews of the movie were all dedicated in their work and he felt it.

Also, through this movie, Daniel learned to love his work as an actor.

At this moment, “She’s Dating the Gangster” already earned P 260 million based on Star Cinema.

This is based on ABS-CBN News.

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