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Richard King’s “Pearl of the Kings”-World’s Largest Pearl

Chinese-Filipino businessman, Richard King, chairman of the Crown Regency Hotel in Boracay Island, Aklan, is the owner of the world’s largest pearl as he called it “Pearl of the Kings.”

According to the reports a group of gemologists from the ” Guinness Book of World Records” are set to arrive in the Philippines mainly in Boracay Island to formally inspect the pearl on December 19-20 which is said to have came from a “Tridacna” clam.

“Based on our initial measurement, the “Pearl of the Kings” weighs around nine kilos and we are confident that we could be certified y the Guinness Book of World Records,” Richard King told the Manila Bulletin.

Pearl of the King

Richard King added that he inherited the so called biggest pearl from his grandfather  as it reportedly came from Palawan sea like the “Pearl of Allah” or popularly known as “Pearl of Lao Tzu/Tze” and is considered as largest known pearl in the world which measures 24 centimeters and weighs 6.4 kilograms.

According to the reports , “Pearl of Allah/ Pearl of Lao Tzu,” was given by a Muslim tribal chief in the early 70’s and was found in depth of Brookes Point, Palawan.

“We have now decided to display the “Pearl of the Kings” at the oceanarium park in the Crown Regency Hotel as one of its attractions.”

“Aside from the pearl, our oceanarium also boasts of having the longest oceanarium tunnel in the Philippines, having 30 meters length,” King said.

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