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Julia Barretto Profile, Bios & Photos: Star Magic Circle 2013

JULIA BARETTO Profile for Star Magic Circle 2013:

Julia Barretto

The 16-year-old Julian Barretto was also part of the showbiz royalty members of the Star Magic Circle 2013. Julia Barretto is the daugther of the former actress Marjorie Barretto and comedian Dennis Padilla.

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She has 3 siblings namely Aynrand Daniella Barretto Legaspi, Claudia Isabelle Barretto Baldivia and Leon Marcux Barretto Baldivia. The daugther of Marjorie aspired to be an actress which is her long term wish.

The future Barretto superstar is eyeing for a soap opera of her own, she cited that Sam Milby is her ideal co-star. Julia is determined to learn singing and hopefully become a recording artist.

Although her name was already linked to some of the most popular names in showbiz, Julia wanted to be known for her talent, and not for her famous aunts and parents.

AGE: 16
BIRTHDAY: March 10
WEIGHT: 148 lbs
HAIR: Dark Brown
EYES: Dark Brown
HOBBIES: playing volleyball
TALENTS:  acting and dancing

Note: This post was written before Julia Barretto turns 16 on March 10. We have already updated the post for Julia’s age.

Here’s some photos of Julia Barretto:

Julia Barretto


Julia Barretto Star Magic

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  • rachel April 11, 2013, 4:20 pm

    hi miss julia beautiful

  • Jayr Dalagan April 14, 2013, 1:30 pm

    Julia is my number one Crush and i`m In love with her ! SUPER DOPER In Love. :*

  • dhimple August 28, 2013, 6:38 pm

    ganndaaaaa mooooooo

  • Jasper grantus January 27, 2014, 11:30 pm

    If only I can see you, I’ll take you home JUlia!

  • lynnramos April 29, 2014, 4:32 pm

    Hello po!

    I know this is not connected with the article however i just want to send this message to julia barretto through this page and i hope there will come a time that she’ll be able to read this herself.

    if somehow someone out there who will read this will be kind enough to send or share this to Julia Baretto.

    So, either julia baretto personally or other admins will be able to read this i ask you a big favor, please send or share this until it reaches Julia Barretto herself.

    I will begin

    Dear Julia Barretto,

    Many people may come to misinterpret you, may judge you, may say so much negative and positive words behind you or even in front of you BUT this will not change who you are.

    If in any chance you will be able to read my message i just want to let you know…..DON’T BE AFFECTED FROM ALL THE CRITICISM YOU ARE HEARING AND READING FROM COMMENTS OF OTHER PEOPLE. Remember who you are. They have no right to judge you only God can judge you. GOD HAVE BLESSED YOU SO MUCH. Don’t allow these different comments to pull you down. Always remember how your family, friends, supporters and even God LOVES YOU. You may make mess—that’s alright! you’re not perfect—-everybody is not perfect!

    Always remember that you are the apple of God’s eye and also remember, nasa showbiz ka kaya hindi mo talaga maiiwasan ang mga comments sa Iyo, masakit man o nakakalambot ng puso.

    You are so young, beautiful and blessed! Don’t allow these different comments to disturb you. Move forward and take one step at a time I believe you will SUCCEED    You don’t have to explain yourself. ‘cause there is nothing to explain of who you are. Once again, I emphasize this, only God can judge you.

    GOD LOVES YOU even though you are imperfect because no one is PERFECT.

    GOD BLESS YOU AND AND CAREER! May you have a more blessed career! And also god bless mira bella and for more shows to come!

    Also, i want to add this: If in any chance that you’ll be able to read this all i want to say is “FANTASTIC”!!! I believe you have evolved into a more mature individual today, though not perfect (because no one is perfect) at least you just enjoy sharing your God given talent. It’s not a matter if you went wrong or you did perfectly. As long as you did your very best by heart. People may judge you but you don’t have to get bothered. I may not know you personally but i believe You are a strong person because that’s how God made you to be. Just remember to have faith in God, and no matter what God will never leave you nor forsake you. God loves you no matter what. You are the apple of his eyes. I believe as long as you build your foundation in christ, no matter what others will say or do, you’ll stay strong. Have your strength in him.


    In additional: Your destiny is not determined by your critics. God has the final say. Quit listening to what the naysayers are telling you and stop living to please people. Shake that off and keep pressing forward in life. YOUR DESTINY IS NOT DETERMINED BY YOUR CRITICS. Do not allow the critics to change you. You need to be tough on the outside, but you have to stay tender on the inside. Often we become hard and calloused by criticism. If you are not creful, when critical people talk behind our backs, it’s easy to let their poison get on the inside of us and start to change us. but you must keep your heart pure and stay true who God has made you to be. Don’t let unwarranted criticism create stress in your life. JUST ALWAYS SMILE! God Bless you always!!! (^_^)

    To those who will be able to read this, especially for those who know Julia Barretto personally, please send or share this to her. Thank you so much!!! God BLESS you!!!

  • hyacinth deleon September 12, 2014, 4:36 pm

    ganda mo julia!

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