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Smart Gilas vs. China: Results Score 68-71 Philippines Defeated

The Smart Gilas was unable to maintain the fourth quarter momentum of the game against China as they were defeated with the final score at 68-71 in favor of China.

The Philippines led by as much as eight points in the early part of the fourth quarter but the Chinese rebounded back and regain the momentum and eventually won with a three-point lead in their first match-up.

The Philippines ended trailing in the first half of the game as they were behind with 40-33 score before half-time. They came back from 18-15 score in favor of China in the first quarter.

Smart Gilas rebounded in the third quarter from back to back score by Norwood bringing the lead down to five, 49-44, with 5:41 remaining. Although the game was stopped at 3:16 mark due to lighting problem but the Philippines gain momentum with de Ocampo’s three pointers putting the score at 49-46 in favor of the Philippines.

The game was tied at 51-all with the effort of Dillinger, it was followed by Gary David who hit a three-pointers to put the Philippines ahead with 56-54. The Philippines got the highest lead with eight points but they were unable to answer the Chinese comeback with an 11-0 run in the final part of the fourth quarter.

China was able to control the tempo of the game and kept the lead after a single 2-points made by David to put a halt to the 11-0 run by China. They led again at 69-66 and after that the game was fought in the free throw line.

The Philippines missed triples from both Chan and David and made fouls and send China to the line to stop the clock. Fei Cao missed 2 free throws with 31 seconds but Tenorio was not able to convert a three and give China their first victory.

Smart Gilas defeated by China 71-68
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About the author: Ed Umbao is a former tuba-gatherer from Bantayan Island. Previously worked as an OFW in Saudi Arabia, now a full-time blogger sans technical ability.

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