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Billy Crawford parents to fly in Philippines to meet Nikki Gil’s family

Billy Crawford during an interview

Billy Crawford during an interview

Billy Crawford expressed his excitement for this coming Christmas since his parents will be here in the Philippines to be with him.

In an interview with the international acclaimed singer and host, he revealed that he is very happy for this upcoming holiday season, for after his long wait, his parents will finally fly here to the Philippines for the first time and spend Christmas in the country.

Another thing that he is looking forward to is for his parents to meet the family of his long time girlfriend, Nikki Gil.

Crawford is hoping that maybe his parents and the parents of Nikki could arrange a get together meeting and be a one big happy family.

He also added that he will spending sometime with his girlfriend and his parents which is something that he is very excited with since such moment seldom happens due to the distance.

With regards to his upcoming comeback to Europe’s music scene, he said that he is excited with it and that he is expecting that people back there will still embrace his music and accept him again with open arms.

Specifically, Crawford has been well known in France after he came back here in the Philippines and started a new career. Now, he is hoping that French audience will still accept him after he disappeared in the spotlight for a couple of years.

Billy Crawford is currently one of the hosts in the noontime talent show of ABS-CBN “Showtime” and appears in the Sunday variety show “ASAP Rocks”. He is also in positive disposition that Filipino people will still love him, in time when he returns to the Philippines.

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