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Anne Curtis performance in “Showtime” 2nd anniversary

Anne Curtis singing Someone Like You while hanging

Anne Curtis singing "Someone Like You" while hanging

Anne Curtis made a stunning and unbelievable performance in “Showtime” stage as the talent reality program show celebrates its second year anniversary.

With great confidence in her self, Anne Curtis shows off her special talent in front of the special hurados last Wednesday. She received a standing ovation over the “Madlang People” and even her co-host was impressed with Anne.

Anne-Bisyosa her self did several unbelievable acts including pole-dancing and air-dancing exhibition that wowed the audience.

Bringing her performance to a much higher level, Anne Curtis sang the hit single of Adele “Someone Like You” in upside down position after she did the air-dancing.

Proving that she can do even more, Anne Curtis made her finally more shocking when she plunged in a tub with water and afterwards hanged her self and sang “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing”.

Her co-host in “Showtime” were stunned with Anne’s performance but Curtis admitted that she really had a hard time learning all those skills in just four days.

According to Anne, It’s really hard to learn pole dancing and air dancing but then again she did it for “Showtime” and to prove that she can do more things besides being an a host and an actress.

Together with her who performed is her special guest, Singing World Champion, Jed Madela which she made as her assistant who holds the microphone while she is singing.

Vhong Navarro also performed on the same day with Anne Curtis and he brought her friends Toni Gonzaga and Ryan Bang to perform with him.

Other co-host Vice Ganda and Kuya Kim will perform today while defending champion jugs and teddy is scheduled on Friday.

Watch Anne Curtis performance in Showtime:

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