President Obama is on board a $1.1 million monster bus

President Obama is on board a $1.1 million bus
President Obama is on board a $1.1 million bus

President Obama is on board a $1.1 million bus as he travels along the Midwest.

The new black bus that the US President Obama is using was purchased by the Secret Service. It says that there is a reasonable cause why they bought two of these travelling offices for the president. Ed Donovan, spokesman of the Secret Service said that the purchased of the said vehicle was not only for the president’s pleasure but for the rest of dignitaries in the future since it is their job to protect politicians that travels on bus.

“An impenetrable-looking conveyance the size of a cross-country Greyhound, painted all in black, with dark tinted windows and flashing red and blue lights,” quoted from the (–foul word(s) removed–)ociated Press.

Even though that these huge buses really come to be so expensive but the security and the protection it gives will help in providing a better presidential protection. As for the moment, the Secret Service still refuses to give further specs on these high-tech monster buses. As reported, the bus got this unique super bulletproof gl(–foul word(s) removed–) that cannot be destroyed by a rocket-propelled grenade or any chemical attack. The features were said to be like “the Beast” limo.

So, just keep an eye to the President’s new bus tagged as “Obamamobile”.

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