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Mayor Sara Duterte Beating Sheriff Abe Andres

Mayor Sara Duterte Beating Sheriff Abe Andres

After the controversial scene that happened in Davao last Friday, where in Mayor Sara Duterte punched Sheriff Abe Andres in the face after it has pursued the demolition of houses in Agdao which is home to more than 500 families. Now, Davao Vice-Mayor and father of Sara, Rodrigo Duterte speak out to the public and advised her daughter not to apologize to the sheriff.

According to Vice Mayor Duterte, he believes that his daughter Sara Duterte only fulfilled her job to protect her people and she must not be sorry for it. He added that instead Sara must face the consequence of her action and stand for what she believed is right.

Vice Mayor Duterte even admired her daughter for being brave in facing the charges that is being thrown to her and said that Sara should be proud of her self that despite the possibility that she will be removed and dismissed from her position at least she helped and protected other people.

Recently, Mayor Sara Duterte already admitted that she was just carried away by her emotion and she is sorry for her improper action. She also apologized to the judge and other court employees.

On the other hand, Sheriff Abe Andres said that the order to demolish the informal settlers in Agdao, Davao was a directive coming from the court and he has nothing to about do it  but to follow the order since that is his job else he will be charged by the court.

Andres added that as a lawyer, Mayor Sara Duterte should have understood his situation and did not intrude in the situation. He said that he was about to explain the truth to Duterte however, he was struck in the face by the mayor.

While the investigation of the DILG regarding the case is ongoing, Mayor Sara Duterte decided to take a leave for 5 days,

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