Restored Aircraft Carrier Made in China

Chinese Aircraft Carrier Under Restoration

A Ukrainian aircraft carrier have been restored in China with the use of indigenous chinese technology. The former Soviet Aircraft Carrier Varyag which was acquired by China on 1998,  through a private Macau tourist venture. China’s interest in modernizing its military capabilities were put under constant debates by major western superpowers.

Made in China products are often considered as low quality and imitations. After the widespread news of the first ever stealth bomber that is made in china also, this news of another achievements by the Chinese military were being discussed not only by its neighboring countries but also by the U.S. military. Fears of Chinese dominance in the Pacific could weakened the military capabilities of the world’s most powerful country.

Varyag the Soviet aircraft carrier that have been restored by China and nears completion are expected to make its maiden voyage in the early part of the year 2011. The restored aircraft carrier had  a displacement of 55,000 tons. The carrier was docked at the Dalian shipyard. It was brought by the Chinese at an estimated cost of $2o million dollars.

The restoration of the aircraft carrier will give enough advantage to the Russian Navy for them to  navigate the vast oceans that is under its jurisdiction. This carrier will be used by China as a platform for training pilots,  and this will served as model also for the future plans of building an aircraft carrier made with indigenous chinese raw materials and talents.

Chinese Naval Might

According to Kanwa Defence Magazine, which was based in Hongkong,  the restoration includes, the living and working compartments,  power generating equipment, engines and navigation systems.

The restoration of an aircraft carrier made in China will be a major turning point for the country’s drive of military excellence and expertise not only in the Indian or Pacific Ocean but to  the rest of the world.

The sleeping giant of Asia is now slowly awakened after taking over the leadership as the world’s largest economy, China are now getting closer to proved to the world that they deserved more than just imitators but builders as well.

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