Yaya Jailed for Taking 2-month-old Baby While Dating BF in Naga

Yaya who Took a 2-month-old Baby While Dating BF in Naga Arrested Police authorities arrested a babysitter or Yaya after taking a 2-month-old baby while dating her boyfriend in Naga City. According to the story, a nanny faced significant charges after bringing her employer’s 2-month-old infant while meeting her boyfriend in Naga, Southern Cebu. Janen … Read more

CCTV Footage Of Moment Baby Snatched By Newly Hired ‘Yaya’


Here’s CCTV Footage Of Baby Abducted By Newly Hired ‘Yaya’ CCTV FOOTAGE – Watch the CCTV footage of baby girl abducted by a newly hired ‘yaya’ in Taguig. Nowadays, it’s becoming more and more difficult to trust people. There are lots of people who take advantage of our vulnerabilities and has no qualms in hurting … Read more