Yam Concepcion Wedding With Partner Will Happen End Of July

Yam Concepcion

The wedding of Yam Concepcion with non-showbiz partners is set to happen this July. YAM CONCEPCION – Kapamilya actress Yam Concepcion shares that she is bound to wed this end of July with her long-time non-showbiz partner. “Init Sa Magdamag” actress Yam Concepcion has been engaged on New Year’s eve of 2019 with long-time boyfriend Miguel … Read more

Yam Concepcion Boyfriend Pens Sweet Birthday Message For Actress

Yam Concepcion

The long-time boyfriend of Yam Concepcion has this sweet message to her on her birthday. YAM CONCEPCION – Kapamilya actress Yam Concepcion receives this sweet birthday message penned by her long-time boyfriend. Miguel Cuunjieng is the long-time and long-distance boyfriend of “Init Sa Magdamag” actress Yam Concepcion. They got used to being far from each other … Read more

Albie Casino Shares Close Friendship With JM De Guzman

Albie Casino JM De Guzman

This is how close actor Albie Casino is to fellow actor JM De Guzman. ALBIE CASINO – 27-year-old actor Albie Casino shares that he’s currently living in the unit where JM De Guzman was previously staying. Previously trending on Twitter is Albie Casino who said this statement in his social media post, “Congrats to everyone … Read more

Yam Concepcion Speaks About Doing Intimate Scenes Before & Now

Yam Concepcion

In doing some daring scenes before and up until now, this is what Yam Concepcion has shared and revealed. YAM CONCEPCION – ‘Init Sa Magdamag’ lead star Yam Concepcion speaks about the intimate scenes she did in her previous projects. Kapamilya series Init Sa Magdamag has just started airing which is the newest series from the ABS-CBN … Read more