Coney Reyes Talks About Love Life of Son Vico Sotto

Here’s what Coney Reyes said about the love life of her son Vico Sotto Veteran actress Coney Reyes shared her thoughts regarding the love life of her son Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto. Vico is Coney’s so with comedian-host Vic Sotto. It is known to many that the young politician is very close to his parents … Read more

Vico Sotto Urges Filipinos To Stop Treating Gov’t Officials Like Celebrities


Vico Sotto Urges Filipinos To Stop Treating Elected Officials Like Showbiz Personalities VICO SOTTO -Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto urged all Filipinos to stop treating the government officials like showbiz personalities. Filipino politician Vico Sotto is the son of veteran actors Coney Reyes and Vic Sotto. Fans have been eyeing for him to enter show business … Read more

Vico Sotto Reveals The Current Status Of His Love Life

vico sotto love life

Vico Sotto currently has this love life status Pasig City mayor-elect Vico Sotto, who happens to be the son of Vic Sotto and Coney Reyes, revealed the current status of his love life. Having parents who are both prominent personalities in the entertainment industry, fans have been eyeing Vico to enter showbiz also. With the … Read more