Vico Sotto Urges Filipinos To Stop Treating Gov’t Officials Like Celebrities

Vico Sotto Urges Filipinos To Stop Treating Elected Officials Like Showbiz Personalities

VICO SOTTO -Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto urged all Filipinos to stop treating the government officials like showbiz personalities.

Filipino politician Vico Sotto is the son of veteran actors Coney Reyes and Vic Sotto. Fans have been eyeing for him to enter show business since both of his parents are prominent personalities in the industry.

The 27-year-old politician ended the reign of the Eusebio clan in Pasig. His victory in the last midterm election for the mayoral position made lots of his town mates happy.

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In a previous article, Vico Sotto talked about his love life and his priorities. He said that he’ll set aside his love life for now and focus more on his political career.

“Tignan na lang natin, Diyos na ang bahala kung paano mangyayari. Siyempre eventually, gusto mo rin naman di ba? But for now, focus-focus muna,” he said.

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Based on a report from Philstar, Vico Sotto admitted that he’s NGSB or ‘No Girlfriend Since Birth’ but said he’s accepting applicants during his interview with Winnie Monsod for the show ‘Bawal Ang Pasaway.’ His statement saying: “Sana naman before 40. So ngayon ang masasabi ko lang diyan, Diyos na po ang bahala. Tumatanggap naman ako ng aplikante” went viral.

A few days after, the neophyte mayor took to the social media to express regret in saying that on air. He said it was only a ‘joke’ for him and didn’t expect that to be reported on national news.

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Vico Sotto urged the public to focus on more important issues and stop treating public officials like celebrities if they want their country to change.

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Latest Tweet of Pasig City Mayor had nothing but praise from the netizens. Here are some of their comments on the post:

@sarahmelie: “Good god we have a sensible one! If only everyone treated their positions with the same seriousness and competence.”

@Hope_Floats8: “Great message! Your mom raised you well”

@AlexJac01472634: ”Your wisdom is way beyond your years Mayor Vico. I have never seen a politician with this kind of humility and sense of duty to his constituents, especially in the Philippines.”

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