Vice Ganda Says His “Yaman” Is Immeasurable

vice ganda

Vice Ganda was asked about the wealth that he has now It’s Showtime host Vice Ganda, who is known as the Unkabogable Star, said that his “yaman” right now is already immeasurable. Vice is indeed one of the richest celebrities in the Philippines. With the projects he did over the years, his financial status also … Read more

Vice Ganda Reaction To Woman Who Greeted Her ‘Kabit’

vice ganda

Vice Ganda does not want another issue Unkabogable Star Vice Ganda has this reaction to a woman who greeted her “kabit” on national TV. Vice has been doing live shows for more than a decade already. He is one of the main hosts of the Kapamilya noontime show It’s Showtime. It is known to many … Read more

Vice Ganda Scolded Awra Briguela, Cristy Fermin Talks About This

vice ganda awra briguela

Cristy Fermin talked about the supposed thing that Vice Ganda after Awra Briguela’s controversy Unkabogable Vice Ganda reportedly scolded celebrity Awra Briguela as veteran showbiz writer Cristy Fermin said. Vice is not just close to Awra. He is also managing the younger celebrity. To recall, Awra became a trending topic on social media after she … Read more