Doug Kramer, Kendra Kramer Go On Father-Daughter Date Night

Doug Kramer, Kendra Kramer 2

Doug Kramer Shares Photos From Father-Daughter Date Night W/ Kendra Kramer DOUG KRAMER – Former basketball player Doug Kramer shared pics from his father-daughter date night with Kendra Kramer. Dates between a father and a daughter are an opportunity to spend time together and demonstrate to your daughter what a husband in real life is … Read more

Chesca Kramer and Doug Kramer Photo Trending Online, Here’s Why

Cheska Kramer and Doug Kramer

Netizens have these funny comments over Chesca Kramer and Doug Kramer’s viral photo. CHESCA KRAMER – Famous personalities Chesca Kramer and Doug Kramer have this viral photo and netizens have these reactions. One of the most well-loved personalities and families in showbiz nowadays is the Team Kramer – a celebrity family composed of married couple … Read more

Kendra Kramer Shares Bags She Got From Mother, Here Are Some

Kendra Kramer

These are the classic bags Kendra Kramer has got from her mother, certified fashionista Chesca Kramer. KENDRA KRAMER – Chesca Kramer had these classic bags she once owns passed to her eldest daughter Kendra Kramer. Team Kramer’s eldest daughter, Clair Kendra Kramer continues to grow beautifully over the years. Many people can see her great potential … Read more

Cheska Kramer and Doug Reveal Three Failed IVFs, Still Trying

Doug and Cheska Kramer

After three failed IFs, Cheska Kramer and Doug still try and currently doing the fourth one. CHESKA KRAMER – Team Kramer’s heads Cheska and Doug are still trying to have another baby despite three failed IVFs. Last 2019, celebrity couple Cheska and Doug Kramer revealed that they’ve had two attempts of in vitro fertilization (IVF) to … Read more

Team Kramer Brings 31 Friends, Family, Staff to Boracay for a Vacation

Team Kramer First Vacation to Boracay This Year With Their Friends, Family, Staff Celebrity family Team Kramer took all 31 of their family, friends, and staff to Boracay for a vacation after the famous island reopened. In Team Kramer’s official Facebook page, they shared that they have their first vacation of the year after month-long … Read more