Wilbert Tolentino on Herlene Budol’s Bashers: “Wag patatawanan ang nangangarap”

Wilbert Tolentino Defends Herlene Budol from Her Bashers Talent manager Wilbert Tolentino defended his talent Herlene “Hipon” Budol from the criticisms of her bashers. During an ambush interview with the press following the Miss Grand Philippines 2023 competition, Wilbert Tolentino addressed the critics of Herlene Budol, who was recently elected Miss Philippines Tourism 2023. Wilbert … Read more

Wilbert Tolentino Accused Herlene Budol of Being “Engrata”?

Wilbert Tolentino Shares Cryptic Post About a Person He Called “Engrata” Talent manager Wilbert Tolentino shared a cryptic post about a person he called “engrata” and accused it of being ungrateful. Many people were perplexed by a cryptic post by social media celebrity and talent manager Wilbert Tolentino. He expressed his frustration with ungrateful people … Read more

Ogie Diaz, Doc Willie Ong Used in Fake Product Advertisement

Ogie Diaz Debunks Fake Product Advertisement Using His Image Talent manager and showbiz vlogger Ogie Diaz debunked a fake product advertisement for using his image and Doc Willie Ong. The talent manager denied the bogus product commercial circulating on social media on Instagram. Ogie revealed an attempted fraud involving a dubious oral product in which … Read more

Ogie Diaz Has LOL Moment At Mom’s Wake Due To Priest’s Joke

ogie diaz mother

Ogie Diaz shared this funny moment at his mom’s wake Talent manager-vlogger Ogie Diaz laughed out loud at his mom’s wake because of the priest’s joke. Ogie shared sad news a few days ago. His mother Aling Mameng passed away at the age of 87. Through a Facebook post, the talent manager-vlogger announced this. He … Read more

Ogie Diaz Suggests Talents Should Undergo Psychiatric Evaluation

Ogie Diaz stressed the importance of taking care of one’s mental health Talent manager-vlogger Ogie Diaz suggested to fellow managers to make their talents undergo psychiatric evaluation. Ogie shared a post about this aspect of his job as a manager. This came after the striking statements that his former talent Liza Soberano shared during her … Read more

Aiko Melendez Signs Contract to the Management of Ogie Diaz

Aiko Melendez Signs Contract with Ogie Diaz as Her Talent Manager Veteran actress Aiko Melendez signed a contract with the management of talent manager and showbiz vlogger Ogie Diaz. Their conversation was only verbal after a year of Councilor Aiko Melendez managing Ogie Diaz. But now, the councilor of Quezon City’s 5th District posted that … Read more

Ogie Diaz on Government Ayuda: “Sana, trabaho ang i-produce”

Ogie Diaz Laments Ayuda Given by the Government Due to Alleged Corruption in Barangays Talent manager and showbiz vlogger Ogie Diaz appealed to the government to give jobs to Filipino people instead of “ayuda”. Because of reported corruption in barangays, the talent manager recently proposed giving jobs instead of financial aid. This comes after the … Read more