Ogie Diaz Shares Controversial Situation of Paid Trolls Online

Ogie Diaz Reveals Current Situation of Paid Trolls on Social Media The talent manager and showbiz columnist Ogie Diaz revealed the controversial situation of the alleged ‘paid trolls‘ online. Even after the election is finished, the controversy and claims about whose camp the “paid trolls” continue. Ogie Diaz, a talent manager, is rumored to have … Read more

Wilbert Tolentino Reacts to PEP’s Blind Item Against Beauty Queen

Herlene Budol Manager Wilbert Tolentino Reacts to PEP’s Blind Item WILBERT TOLENTINO – The manager of Herlene Nicole Budol reacts to Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP’s) blind item against a beauty queen. Talent manager Wilbert Tolentino claimed that it was Herlene Budol was referred in a blind item article regarding the “bibidahin” and “uma-atittude”. Wilbert is … Read more

Francine Diaz, Seth Fedelin No Mutual Relationship – Talent Manager

Talent Manager of Francine Diaz Revealed Seth Fedelin Has No Relationship with Her The talent manager of Francine Diaz has revealed that Seth Fedelin has no mutual relationship with her and not even courting her. Seth Fedelin was supposedly wooing the young actress’s talent Francine, according to the young actress’s talent manager, John Ling. On … Read more

Jay Sonza Reacts to ‘Patama’ Tweet of Ogie Diaz: “ Nagpapanggap ka paring Bakla?”

Jay Sonza Expresses Reaction to ‘Patama’ Post of Ogie Diaz on Twitter Veteran journalist Jay Sonza expresses his reaction towards the ‘patama’ post of showbiz columnist Ogie Diaz on Twitter. Sonza resorted to social media to reply to the talent manager’s ‘patama’ tweet. Ogie has previously inquired whether the journalist was “tumatanda pa-urong” for allegedly … Read more

Wilbert Tolentino Give Away P200k Prize Won from YouTube Challenge

Wilbert Tolentino Decided to Give Away Prize Won from Challenge with Beks Batallion Talent manager Wilbert Tolentino decided to give away the prize he won from the challenge with Beks Batallion on his YouTube channel. Wilbert Tolentino’s helpfulness resurfaced as he considered giving away his reward in his YouTube channel’s ‘Last to leave the room … Read more

Wilbert Tolentino Won’t Accept Buknoy, Xander Ford in His Management

Wilbert Tolentino Revealed Buknoy Glamur, Xander Ford Ask to Be Part of his Management WILBERT TOLENTINO – The talent manager revealed that social media influencers Buknoy Glamur and Xander Ford want to be part of his management. The ‘Kukupkupin or Tatablahin’ challenge was done by Tita Jegs and Wilbert Tolentino in their YouTube cooperation. Tita … Read more

Wilbert Tolentino Reacts to Management “Patutsada” of Ethel Booba

Wilbert Tolentino Express Reaction to Ethel Booba’s “Patutsada” Against Management WILBERT TOLENTINO – The talent manager expresses his reactions against the “patutsada” of Ethel Booba regarding management issue. Recently, many netizens were curious if a TikTok video by Ethel Booba with Boobsy Wonderland had gone popular, and if it was a strike for Momshie Wilbert. … Read more

Wilbert Tolentino Management to Produce Album for “Madam Inutz”

Wilbert Tolentino Revealed the Projects of Madam Inutz Under His Management Talent manager Wilbert Tolentino has revealed the projects that will be given to viral online seller “Madam Inutz” after she officially signs the contract. Wilbert Tolentino, also known as Madam Inutz, has declared that he is now the manager of viral internet seller Daisy … Read more