Direk Bobet Vidanes Leaving ‘It’s Showtime’, Hosts Had This ‘Patama’?

Vice Ganda, Its Showtime

Is this a patama for Direk Bobet Vidanes? It’s Showtime hosts had this conversation during a recent episode, is this their “patama” to their Direk Bobet Vidanes for leaving the Kapamilya noontime show? To recall, entertainment reporter/columnist Cristy Fermin first opened up about the “resignation” of Direk Bobet. She said that the noontime show director … Read more

Its Showtime Airs On March 10 With Empty Studio Audience Seats

Its Showtime

Its Showtime airs without live studio audience. ITS SHOWTIME – Kapamilya noon time show “Its Showtime” aired live with empty seats for live studio audience amid the coronavirus scare. Due to the rising number of infected patients in the Philippines of coronavirus, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte declared a state of public health emergency. This prompted several establishments … Read more

Showtime Hosts Funny Banters & Moments About Their Rival Network

Its Showtime

Here’s a compilation of Showtime hosts on their funny banters about the other network. SHOWTIME HOSTS – Here are some of the funniest moments of “Its Showtime” hosts on their banters about their rival network. “Its Showtime” is a Kapamilya noontime show comprised with hosts such as Vice Ganda, Anne Curtis, Vhong Navarro, Amy Perez, … Read more

Vice Ganda Hosting “Criticized” By Vhong Navarro & Jhong Hilario

Vice Ganda

Jhong and Vhong “criticized” hosting of Vice Ganda. VICE GANDA – Its Showtime hosts Jhong Hilario and Vhong Navarro “criticized” hosting of Vice Ganda and netizens have these reactions. “It’s Showtime” is now nearing its 10th year anniversary which means that they have been airing for 10 years already. And all through the years, the … Read more

Showtime Hosts Karylle & Ryan Bang Controversial Misunderstanding Recalled

Showtime Hosts

Showtime Hosts Karylle & Ryan Bang recalled their misunderstanding before. SHOWTIME HOSTS – The hosts of Its Showtime Ryan Bang and Karylle, in show’s recent episode, recalled their “little fight” before. In the longest running Kapamilya noontime show “Its Showtime“, the hosts have definitely not just built friendship, they have also found a family in … Read more