Rowena Guanzon Insult Robin Padilla: “Ang kaso, low IQ ka robin Doby”

Rowena Guanzon Insult Robin Padilla Told Him He Has Low IQ Retired Commission on Election (Comelec) Commissioner Rowena Guanzon insulted senatorial aspirant Robin Padilla saying he has a low IQ. Robin Padilla’s potential to be a good public servant was once again overestimated by the retiring Comelec commissioner. Guanzon’s most recent assault on Padilla was … Read more

Raissa Robles Formally Filed Multiple Charges Against Larry Gadon

Larry Gadon Face Multiple Charges Over Insult Against Raissa Robles South China Morning Post Senior Manila Correspondent Raissa Robles has formally filed a series of charges against Larry Gadon. In connection with his alleged insult in a viral video against the journalist, Senatorial contender and suspended lawyer Larry Gadon has been charged with many counts. … Read more

Samira Gutoc to President Rodrigo Duterte: “Hindi po ninyo ako kalaban”

Samira Gutoc Drops Hate to President Duterte Claiming She’s Not His Enemy Senatorial aspirant Samira Gutoc has dropped her hatred towards President Rodrigo Duterte claiming she is not his enemy anymore. The wind appears to be blowing in a new direction for Aksyon Demokratiko senate candidate Samira Gutoc. Gutoc stated she was not an opponent … Read more

Larry Gadon Faces Disbarment Case Due to HIV Claims Against PNoy

Person Living with HIV Files Disbarment Case Against Larry Gadon Over HIV Remarks A disbarment case was filed against senatorial aspirant Larry Gadon over his HIV remarks against late former president PNoy. People living with HIV (PLHIVs) filed a disbarment case against the lawyer in June after he implied that late President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino … Read more

Supporters of Senatorial Aspirant Francis Leo Marcos Start Campaign

Supporters Start Campaign for Their Senatorial Aspirant Francis Leo Marcos The supporters of senatorial aspirant Francis Leo Marcos start their campaign despite the candidate is still inside jail over a criminal case. Supporters of controversial businessman and internet star Norman Mangusin, best known by his alias Francis Leo Marcos (FLM), illustrate that his candidacy is … Read more