Raissa Robles Formally Filed Multiple Charges Against Larry Gadon

Larry Gadon Face Multiple Charges Over Insult Against Raissa Robles

South China Morning Post Senior Manila Correspondent Raissa Robles has formally filed a series of charges against Larry Gadon.

In connection with his alleged insult in a viral video against the journalist, Senatorial contender and suspended lawyer Larry Gadon has been charged with many counts. Gadon was charged with libel, internet libel, and violating Republic Act 11313, often known as the Safe Spaces Act or “Bawal Bastos Act,” by the Quezon City Prosecution Office.

Raissa Robles Gadon Charges

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In an ANC interview, Robles’ lawyer Sandy Coronel said that her client’s team will post two videos in which Gadon reportedly made “misogynistic statements” and publicly accused the journalist of being a “purveyor of fake news.” Robles said she had got numerous ‘unwanted direct messages’ on Facebook telling her that she should have just accepted Gadon’s actions.

“I think no woman who wants to do political discourse in the internet deserves that kind of treatment ever,” Robles added.

While the journalist feels that decriminalizing cyber libel against journalists is the right thing to do, he can’t ignore Gadon’s argument that cyber libel is a “thin line” between “weapon” and “shield” for an individual’s reputation. Gadon’s case is exceptional, according to Robles.

The cases, she claims, are not only for her, but for all women who wish to participate in political debate on the Internet but are instead subjected to terrible online harassment. Meanwhile, the journalist feels Gadon’s claimed assault was motivated by something else.

“I think Gadon is going to be used as a political weapon by the Marcos camp in this elections,” Robles said.

Gadon originally defended himself, claiming that the statement he published was simply personal. The Safe Spaces Act, on the other hand, was Robles’ answer. She emphasized that the country has just completed the Bar Exam, and it’s nauseating to think of Gadon as an example of what a lawyer is to people who took it.

Robles underlined that he is a poor example and a terrible human being. Gadon was already suspended by the Supreme Court and is unable to practice law as a result of the numerous allegations brought against him.

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