Selena Gomez, Zayn Malik Reportedly Spotted Kissing

Selena Gomez, Zayn Malik 2

Selena Gomez Reportedly Seen Kissing Zayn Malik SELENA GOMEZ – Singers Zayn Malik and Selena Gomez sparked dating rumors after reportedly seeing “holding hands” and “kissing” in New York. After the singers were allegedly seen “holding hands” and “kissing” in New York, Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik are the subjects of persistent dating rumors. After … Read more

Hailey Bieber Thankful to Selena Gomez for Speaking Out for Her

Hailey Bieber Thankful to Selena Gomez for Speaking Out About Threats vs Her International model Hailey Bieber is thankful to singer-actress Selena Gomez for speaking out about the threats she received. The wife of international musician Justin Beiber thanks singer-actress Selena Gomez for defending her against claimed “death threats” and “hateful negativity.” Selena revealed on … Read more

Selena Gomez Reacts on Alleged Death Threats of Hailey Bieber

Selena Gomez Speaks Out About the Death Threats Received by Hailey Bieber International singer Selena Gomez expresses her reactions to the alleged death threats received by Hailey Bieber. The Hollywood singer-actress issued a statement on Instagram after model Hailey Bieber apparently spoke to her. This comes after the wife of renowned artist Justin Bieber disclosed … Read more

Selena Gomez Spanish-Language Single ‘De Una Vez’ Goes Viral

Selena Gomez De Una Vez music video

Watch Selena Gomez’s Second Spanish-Language Single ‘De Una Vez’ Here SELENA GOMEZ – Singer-songwriter Selena Gomez’s second spanish-language single “De Una Vez” went viral on social media. International pop star Selena Gomez was born to a half Italian mother and Mexican American father. At 7, she got a role in the children’s tv series “Barney and … Read more

VIDEO: AC Bonifacio Reveals Her Ultimate Career Goal

AC Bonifacio ultimate wish

AC Bonifacio Reveals Ultimate Wish AC BONIFACIO – Kapamilya singer-dancer AC Bonifacio revealed her ultimate career goal. Singer-dancer AC Bonifacio is now a star in the Philippines after winning the tv dance competition of ABS-CBN “Dance Kids.” She was featured on ASAP, bagged a lot of endorsements, and gained millions of followers on social media. … Read more

BLACKPINK Releases Debut Album, Netizens React


Netizens React to BLACKPINK’s Debut Album BLACKPINK – Netizens react after listening to BLACKPINK’S first full-length studio album. K-pop sensation BLACKPINK just released their wildly-anticipated debut album called “The Album.” Months before they dropped their album, Jisso, Lisa, Rose, and Jennie collaborated with Lady Gaga, and Selena Gomez. The cover art for their album shows … Read more