Reason Why China’s Fujian Province Villagers Celebrated VP Leni Robredo Victory

vp leni robredo

VP Leni Robredo Victory Celebrated In Fujian Province, China VP Leni Robredo – With the victory of Vice President Leni Robredo, local villagers of Jinjiang, Fujian, China had a grand celebration congratulating her VP Leni’s inauguration. In an article by, the local villagers gathered in a clan hall having commemorative plaques set in walls … Read more

FAMAS Awards 2012 List of Special Recognition Announced

FAMAS Awards 2012 List of Special Awards

Aside from giving the most talented artist and movie personalities of the yearly edition of the FAMAS Awards, the institution have also given a special presentation and awards to those artists and personalities who made an achievement for the improvement of the Philippine Movie Industry. The 60th edition of the FAMAS Awards gave thanks and … Read more