Reason Why China’s Fujian Province Villagers Celebrated VP Leni Robredo Victory

VP Leni Robredo Victory Celebrated In Fujian Province, China

VP Leni Robredo – With the victory of Vice President Leni Robredo, local villagers of Jinjiang, Fujian, China had a grand celebration congratulating her VP Leni’s inauguration.

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In an article by, the local villagers gathered in a clan hall having commemorative plaques set in walls and watched the live TV broadcast of the inauguration of VP Leni Robredo. Also, they came to the streets carrying plaques to “bring the good news to their ancestors.”

There are also plaques pronouncing “vice president” and “excellent woman”.

The report added that the late Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo, VP Leni Robredo’s husband was a Chinese descent as his paternal grandfather who immigrated to the Philippines from Fujian Province at the beginning of the 20th Century was actually named. Lim Pieng Ti was the Chinese name of Jesse – a fourth-generation of his Chinese-Filipino descent.

VP Leni Robredo even posted a photo of the said celebration on her official Facebook page saying that the march was “reserved for someone who achieves something distinguishable.”

The post wrote:

“Jinjiang, Fujian province congratulates our kababayan, Atty. Leni *Lim, Vice President of the Philippines!”

According to, Jesse “was keen to seek his roots back in China and very much cared for the development and education of his hometown” when he was alive.

“On hearing the news of Mrs. Robredo’s victory, we were very excited,” said the village chief named Lin Kangqing. The village chief also added that since the locals can’t go to the Philippines to support VP Leni, they will be presenting the video footage of the celebrations they’ve done.

VP Leni Robredo won the May 9 elections over Senator Bongbong Marcos by a slim margin. Marcos filed an electoral protest questioning Robredo’s victory for alleged fraud.

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