Ryza Cenon Reacts To Basher Who Wished Ill Upon Her Baby

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A basher of Ryza Cenon wrote these shocking words Actress Ryza Cenon reacted to her basher who wished ill upon her unborn baby with boyfriend Miguel Antonio Cruz. Mid-2020, Ryza announced her pregnancy and introduced her boyfriend who is a cinematographer. The actress said that she chose to keep her relationship from the public but … Read more

Ryza Cenon Excited To Meet Her Little One, Shares Sonogram

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Ryza Cenon Expresses Excitement at Expecting her Baby Boy RYZA CENON – Kapamilya actress Ryza Cenon shared how excited she is to meet her baby boy. Most parents considered first meeting their babies as a life-changing experience. Moms would describe it as amazing or extraordinary. During pregnancy, moms think about how they could create the … Read more

Ryza Cenon & Boyfriend: Some Of Their Never-Before-Seen Photos

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Check out these photos of Ryza Cenon with her boyfriend. RYZA CENON – Here are some of the never-before-seen photos of Kapamilya actress Ryza Cenon with her cinematographer boyfriend Miguel Antonio Cruz. Following her shocking pregnancy announcement, Kapamilya actress Ryza Cenon also opened up about her partner and the father of her baby, cinematographer Miguel … Read more

Ryza Cenon Pregnant: Actress Gets Asked About Wedding Plans

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Will wedding bells ring soon after the “Ryza Cenon Pregnant” revelation? Ryza Cenon Pregnant – The Kapamilya actress answered the question if she and boyfriend Miguel Antonio Cruz already have wedding plans. Surprising at it maybe but Ryza said that she had mixed emotions upon knowing that she is five months pregnant with her boyfriend … Read more