Raffy Tulfo Reacts To Willie Revillame’s Refusal To Pursue Political Career

Raffy Tulfo, Willie Revillame

This is what Raffy Tulfo said over the decision and announcement of Willie Revillame. RAFFY TULFO – Senator-aspirant Raffy Tulfo reveals his opinion regarding Willie Revillame’s decision not to run in the upcoming national election. In a previous article, broadcast journalist Raffy Tulfo filed his certificate of candidacy (COC) declaring a senatorial bid for the … Read more

Raffy Tulfo: Actor Accuses Of “Pambubugbog”, Explains Side

Raffy Tulfo Danny Ramos

This actor explains his side after his stepsister accused him of physical abuse in the Raffy Tulfo program. RAFFY TULFO – Actor Danny Ramos breaks his silence after his stepsister went to Raffy Tulfo and complained about his “pambubugbog” to the program. Danica Robelas, the 21-year-old half-sister of actor Danny Ramos went to the program … Read more

Lani Misalucha Goes To Raffy Tulfo, Complains About Stolen Php 105K

Lani Misalucha, Raffy Tulfo

OPM veteran singer and music icon Lani Misalucha complains about her social media admin who stole a huge amount from her. LANI MISALUCHA – In Raffy Tulfo program, music icon Lani Misalucha complains about her social media admin who stole something from her. Raffy Tulfo has been everyone’s refuge whenever they were treated unfairly and … Read more

Raffy Tulfo Revealed Where He Spend His Income in YouTube Channel

Raffy Tulfo Revealed Where His YouTube Channel Income Being Spent Veteran journalist Raffy Tulfo revealed how he spend his billion income from one of the biggest streaming platform, YouTube. Raffy Tulfo is one of the biggest YouTubers in the Philippines. In fact, he is number one on the ranking of the most subscribed Filipino celebrities … Read more