Pastor Apollo Quiboloy Won’t Interfere with National Interest

Mayor Rody Duterte’s closest friend Pastor Apollo Quiboloy stated during an interview with the media in Davao City that he won’t interfere with national interest. The spiritual leader of The Kingdom of Jesus Christ who were based in Davao City clarified the issue of reported rift between him and Mayor Duterte and downplayed the allegations. … Read more

Pres. Duterte to Use the Presidential Yacht as Floating Hospital

The presumptive president of the Republic of the Philippines, Pres. Rody Duterte changed his plans to sell the presidential yacht because of some complications as revealed to the media during an interview that he will just turn the historic presidential asset into a floating hospital. BRP Ang Pangulo is the official yacht of the Philippine … Read more

Alfonso Cusi Eyed by Pres. Duterte to be His Energy Secretary

Mayor Rody Duterte’s spokesperson Atty. Salvador Panelo revealed on Friday that the incoming president of the Republic of the Philippines, Pres. Rody Duterte is eyeing the service of Alfonso Cusi as Secretary of the Department of Energy (DOE). Atty. Panelo revealed that Mayor Duterte called him up late in the evening to inform of the … Read more

Duterte Tells Pres. Barack Obama He Might Go Bilateral with China

Presumptive President of the Republic of the Philippines, Mayor Rody Duterte revealed to the media that the head of state of United States of America, Pres. Barack Obama called to congratulate him and talk about the country’s relations to the US and his stands on the the Spratly islands dispute. Mayor Rody Duterte told Pres. … Read more

Pres. Rody Duterte to Issue Executive Order on FOI

The newly-elected president of the Republic of the Philippines, Pres. Rody Duterte promised to issue an Executive Order (EO) on Freedom of Information (FOI) which he will start with the Executive Branch of government, but he is not promising to prioritize a law such as what his predecessors have done in the past and ending … Read more

President Rody Duterte’s Possible Cabinet Members

President-elect Mayor Rody Duterte of Davao City revealed during an interview the composition of his official family or the Cabinet Members of the chief executive of the Republic of the Philippines. The Cabinet Members of Pres. Duterte will be a mix of old and new faces of former military men. The opponents of the Davao … Read more