Alleged Illegal Recruiter Arrested in Bacolod City After Victimizing Over 100 Individuals

Alleged Illegal Recruiter

NBI Arrests Alleged Illegal Recruiter in Bacolod City After Victimizing Aspiring OFWs The NBI personnel arrested an alleged illegal recruiter in Bacolod City, Negros Occident after victimizing 100 individuals. Aspiring Overseas Filipino Workers hoping to get good job opportunities in Japan and Australia fell into the scheme of an illegal recruiter in Bacolod City. The … Read more

Scammer Posing as Fake Raffy Tulfo Staff Steals P13k from Poor Victim

Poor Victim Lost P13k After a Fake Raffy Tulfo Staff Offers False Help A poor victim lost P13,000 after falling from the fraud offer of an alleged staff of Raffy Tulfo who was later discovered fake. ‘Raffy Tulfo in Action’ called out gays who pretended to be Raffy Tulfo’s workers. Lina Chavez, Cristina Ruiz, and … Read more