2022 Elections Candidates’ Platforms: President, Vice President, Senator

2022 Elections Candidates' Platforms

Compilation of 2022 Elections Candidates’ Platforms & their Accomplishments 2022 ELECTIONS CANDIDATES’ PLATFORMS – Here is a compilation of the platforms of the candidates for president, vice president, and senator in the upcoming May 2022 Elections. Both local and national elections are set to take place on May 9, 2022. According to the Commission on … Read more

Leni Robredo Responds To Chiz Escudero who tagged her “very presidentiable”

Leni Robredo, Chiz Escudero

Sorsogon Gov. Chiz Escudero Says Vice Pres. Leni Robredo is “Very Presidentiable” LENI ROBREDO – The Vice President reacted to the post of Sorsogon Governor Chiz Escudero praising her following the CNN Presidential Debate 2022. The May 2022 Election is fast-approaching. Currently, the national election candidates are given the time to campaign to the voters. … Read more

Chiz Escudero on VP Leni Robredo: ‘Very presidentiable, full of substance…’

Chiz Escudero, Leni Robredo

Sorsogon Gov. Chiz Escudero Praises Vice Pres. Leni Robredo CHIZ ESCUDERO – The Sorsogon Governor lauded Vice President Leni Robredo following the CNN Presidential Debate 2022. The campaign period is currently ongoing in the Philippines. Aside from the candidates visiting as many cities and provinces as they could reach before the campaign period is over, … Read more

Robredo Starts Presidential Campaign w/ Vow for Honest Governance

Vice President Leni Robredo

Vice Pres. Robredo Kicks Off Presidential Campaign in Camarines Sur ROBREDO – The Vice President started her presidential campaign with the vow for honest governance that reaches out to the people. Ten (10) presidential candidates remain on the official ballot for the Election 2022 based on the list previously released by the Commission on Elections … Read more

Leni Robredo To Not Defend Allies Who’ll Be Accused of Corruption If She Wins President

Vice President Leni Robredo

Vice Pres, Leni Robredo Vows To Give Filipinos Honest Government LENI ROBREDO – The Vice President and presidential aspirant said that she will not defend her allies who will be accused of corruption. The May 2022 Election is fast approaching and several interviews and forums revealing the platforms and agenda of the presidential candidates recently … Read more