Neri Miranda Meal Plan: Where Does The Hate Come From?

neri miranda meal plan

What I think about the “Neri Miranda Meal Plan” Neri Miranda Meal Plan – Celebrity entrepreneur Neri Naig-Miranda is getting a lot of hate for posting a meal plan that she thinks will be helpful to a lot of housewives. Neri, the Wais na Misis, is fond of sharing her “tipid” tips online, household hacks, … Read more

Neri Miranda Offers Free Seeds After P1K Meal Plan Was Bashed

neri miranda

Neri Miranda has this solution after she was criticized for her recent viral post Celebrity entrepreneur Neri Miranda, also known as Wais na Misis, offered free seeds after she was bashed for her P1,000 weekly meal plan. Neri is known for sharing tips and practical advice on her social media pages. From being an actress, … Read more