Driver Argues with MTPB Enforcer who Flagged Him in Yellow Light

Driver Contest to MTPB Enforcer Who Apprehended Him Due to Yellow Light A vehicle driver contested his rights to the traffic enforcer of Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) after being apprehended due to yellow light. In the video, a driver expresses his frustration to a traffic officer after being pulled over even though the … Read more

Suspect who Shot a Barangay Kagawad is Not an AWOL Soldier

Suspect in Shooting a Barangay Kagawad in Manila is Not a Soldier of PH Army The suspect in the recent shooting killing of a barangay kagawad in Manila was discovered not to be a member of the Philippine Army. The suspect in the death of a Barangay Kagawad in Malate, Manila, is not a member … Read more

Barangay Kagawad Shot Dead by AWOL Soldier in Manila

Barangay Kagawad Died After Shot by AWOL Soldier to Death in Manila A barangay council (Kagawad) was declared dead on the spot after being shot by an AWOL soldier in Malate, Manila. The suspect, an AWOL (absent without leave) soldier, became enraged with a barangay councilor and shot him inside a Malate, Manila, beerhouse. According … Read more

3 Fake MTPB Traffic Enforcers Arrested for Extortion to Motorists

3 Men Identified as Fake MTPB Traffic Enforcers Arrested for Extortion Authorities arrested three (3) men who were discovered to be fake traffic enforcers of the Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) for extortion. The three suspects were detained, according to LT Col Rosalino Ibay Jr, commander of MPD Station 1 in Manila, for allegedly … Read more

Stroke Survivor Airs Dismay After Authorities Accused Him of Committing Traffic Violation

Stroke Survivor

Stroke Survivor Expresses Frustration to Authorities for Accusing Him of Committing Traffic Violation A stroke survivor has expressed its disappointment after the authorities reportedly accused him of committing violation. A Facebook user named Gemor Nual Aballa has expressed his disappointment and sentiments towards the traffic authorities accusing him of committing traffic violation. The video garnered … Read more

2 Manila Traffic Enforcers Sacked Over Bribery Caught on Viral Video

2 Manila Traffic Enforcers Accused on Bribery on Viral Video Relieved from Service The Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) sacked two (2) traffic enforcers who were allegedly involved in bribery after being caught in the viral video. The MTPB’s management has fired two traffic enforcers who became “viral” on social media due to the … Read more

2 Traffic Enforcers, Vendor Accomplice Extortion Modus Caught on Cam

2 Traffic Enforcers Extortion Modus with Vendor Accomplice Exposed Online Video footage exposed two (2) Manila traffic enforcers conspiring with a vendor for their extortion modus against motorcycle riders. Two Manila traffic cops were videotaped doing unlawful things to motorcycle riders during their public service, according to video evidence shared by News 5. According to … Read more

PHOTOS: MTPB Tows Tricycles Along Pritil In Tondo, Manila


PHOTOS: MTPB Tows Tricycles Along Pritil In Tondo, Manila MTPB TOWS TRICYCLES – The Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) recently towed several tricycles along Pritil in Tondo, Manila. According to a Twitter thread, the said tricycles were towed on that day for violated traffic rules and Balik Pasada Guidelines for Tri-wheel vehicles. Furthermore, 24 … Read more

Isko Moreno Fires Manila Traffic Enforcer For Extortion

Isko Moreno Manila Traffic Enforcer Sacked

Isko Moreno Fires MTPB Enforcer for Extorting Money From Motorist ISKO MORENO – Manila Mayor Isko Moreno fired the traffic enforcer who was caught on camera receiving bribe money from a motorist. Actor-turned-politician “Francisco “Isko Moreno” is the mayor of the city of Manila. He has done several positive changes in the city since he … Read more