Lady Customer Shows Kindness Towards Saleslady Who Accidentally Broke Merchandise

Lady Customer

Lady Customer Earns Praises After Showing Kindness Towards Saleslady A lady customer earns praise online after showing kindness towards a saleslady who accidentally broke merchandise. In a heartwarming incident at a local mall, netizens were deeply moved by the compassion and generosity shown by a woman named Kristine Taule-Manahan toward a saleslady after an accidental … Read more

Arci Muñoz Proud “BTS” Army, Flaunts K-Pop Group Merch Collections

Arci Muñoz Flaunts Favorite K-Pop Group “BTS” Merch Collections Kapamilya Actress and proud “BTS” army Arci Muñoz flaunts her merchandise collections from her favorite K-Pop group. On YouTube, the Kapamilya actress once again flaunted her addiction to K-Pop, especially on her super favorite BTS. On Her BTS-related vlog on his YouTube channel, she decided to … Read more